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Yaoi fangirls everywhere are grumbling, as I let out a little victory cheer.

So, finally we see Max. You all remember Max, right? She cleaned up Simon's pic way back when he was first stalking - I mean, investigating - Melody.

I don't think we'll get much into the backstory of this bright but very grumpy girl, but it goes like this...

A few years prior, Solomon Enterprises noticed slight discrepancy in their payflow via automated checking. Being one of the forerunners in technology, they realized they had to fix this or become a laughingstock.

When the bug was presumed to be fixed, it turned up again. David Solomon himself decided to investigate, and with certain... resources... he was able to track down the culprit who was seeping money out of his company. Turns out, a 13-year-old girl was breaking their oh-so-high-tech security programs.

Impressed and finding that she had no family, Solomon decided to bring her in to work on a special project of his. Now, five years later, she is more-or-less the brain of the Institute's computer systems.

Within the series, Max is essentially an anachronism. Her style and tech all say 21st Century, despite these comics taking place in the late '90s. Those flash drives around her neck shouldn't even be invented yet.

Then again... neither should teleporter watches and chi pistols.

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