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The Final Battle - yay!

So, everything's finally coming together, and I should update my news section.

We've got two weeks left. I'll be sad to finish up Melody & Macabre, as I've already said, but it'll clear up my plate a lot. I've missed out on a lot of things because I'm spending so much effort on this series. And on... well, watching Doctor Who. I've been trying to watch from the very very very beginning. I'm talking 1963 and up.

I'm on the Second Doctor so far. Almost to the Third.

Anyway, I'll let everybody know about my next series soon. I need to gather my thoughts on the matter, make a teaser page, and probably have some pages of THAT ready to go before releasing any info on it. It'll be an easygoing project, though. A light story with humor (of course) and hopefully less drama than Mel&Mac. It'll update only three times a week, so I can have a life, but it will take place in (more or less) real time, and the year will progress for the characters as it will for us.

As for MM, I don't think our stories will stop with this one series. I have some minicomics beyond just last year's Halloween special, and I do intend to make a proper sequel/spinoff with Ace in an X-Files-esque storyline.

Sans the aliens, though. That'd probably be a bit too much.

I don't have any expected period of time to do these, though, so I guess you should just keep in touch with me and we'll see how it goes. I promise, I have plenty of cool stuff planned for the future, so don't be too sad about the end.

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