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Memento mori.

That's a wrap, folks. I hope you've enjoyed your time with our strange friends.

I hope to do more minicomics (like Dia de los Muertos), but likely on their own page. More about this at a later date when I have something to show for it.

In the meantime, I'll start writing the sequel/spinoff, while working on EpicSaga (which hopefully will continue Wednesday) and my new series, Gary the Alchemist (which will begin on the 31st).

I should do more Time Hobo, too.

Keep in touch, and I'll keep you updated. I should really just start a blog, but not that much goes on in my life, so it'd be pointless. Everything you'll need to know will be in the info or news updates of my current projects. Likely the big one at the moment (which was Melody & Macabre, but will soon shift to Gary the Alchemist).

Either way, I hope everybody has fun. The teaser for Gary will be up tomorrow, and I just spoiled the surprise involving the title. Ah, well. At least you get a glimpse at one of the characters.

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