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What's this? A newspost on a defunct comic? @ September 21st, 2009, 5:07 pm

I'm just posting to let you folks know that I'm not ENTIRELY finished with the MM universe. Though I've moved on to new projects, I am currently scripting out the sequel for Melody & Macabre. So um... if anybody is still hoping for more dark humor, it's on its way.

I just don't exactly know when.

I will likely also be continuing to do minicomics based on the series, as I have a few side-stories I want to do. I'll likely start a new comic page to place the minicomics, largely so I can clear Dia de los Muertos off the Mel&Mac page.

I have some big plans for the sequel, though. Hopefully some of the minicomics will set up some thematic elements, including some sort of "pilot chapter" for it.

And hopefully I can get this all set up before October, because I have a little treat also having to do with the sequel. Hrm.

So much time, so little to do.

(Wait... strike that, reverse it.)

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Memento mori. @ August 22nd, 2009, 8:01 pm

That's a wrap, folks. I hope you've enjoyed your time with our strange friends.

I hope to do more minicomics (like Dia de los Muertos), but likely on their own page. More about this at a later date when I have something to show for it.

In the meantime, I'll start writing the sequel/spinoff, while working on EpicSaga (which hopefully will continue Wednesday) and my new series, Gary the Alchemist (which will begin on the 31st).

I should do more Time Hobo, too.

Keep in touch, and I'll keep you updated. I should really just start a blog, but not that much goes on in my life, so it'd be pointless. Everything you'll need to know will be in the info or news updates of my current projects. Likely the big one at the moment (which was Melody & Macabre, but will soon shift to Gary the Alchemist).

Either way, I hope everybody has fun. The teaser for Gary will be up tomorrow, and I just spoiled the surprise involving the title. Ah, well. At least you get a glimpse at one of the characters.

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Final Week. @ August 16th, 2009, 1:12 am

I'm on the Third Doctor now. But that doesn't matter at the moment.

What does matter is, I changed the format. The old template (a pre-made template they have here on SJ) has been a bit broken with their server move, so I've switched to this. It looks nice, actually.

So here's how things will go this week. I'll put up my comics, you'll laugh and cry and applaud (please?) and on Sunday, the day after the back page for Scene 30 goes up (hopefully a very beautiful one, please stick around), I'll present a teaser image for my new series, which will come on the 31st.

And um... I think that's all I have for now, actually. Please enjoy the last week. I've already started plans for the sequel, but I don't know when I'll start, so don't expect it anytime soon. But the next project will be VERY fun, I promise.

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The Final Battle - yay! @ August 8th, 2009, 7:03 pm

So, everything's finally coming together, and I should update my news section.

We've got two weeks left. I'll be sad to finish up Melody & Macabre, as I've already said, but it'll clear up my plate a lot. I've missed out on a lot of things because I'm spending so much effort on this series. And on... well, watching Doctor Who. I've been trying to watch from the very very very beginning. I'm talking 1963 and up.

I'm on the Second Doctor so far. Almost to the Third.

Anyway, I'll let everybody know about my next series soon. I need to gather my thoughts on the matter, make a teaser page, and probably have some pages of THAT ready to go before releasing any info on it. It'll be an easygoing project, though. A light story with humor (of course) and hopefully less drama than Mel&Mac. It'll update only three times a week, so I can have a life, but it will take place in (more or less) real time, and the year will progress for the characters as it will for us.

As for MM, I don't think our stories will stop with this one series. I have some minicomics beyond just last year's Halloween special, and I do intend to make a proper sequel/spinoff with Ace in an X-Files-esque storyline.

Sans the aliens, though. That'd probably be a bit too much.

I don't have any expected period of time to do these, though, so I guess you should just keep in touch with me and we'll see how it goes. I promise, I have plenty of cool stuff planned for the future, so don't be too sad about the end.

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The Boogeyman @ June 21st, 2009, 11:59 pm

I've been waiting a good while to finally do a massive confrontation with this guy. What's weird is, this isn't even the climax. We have two plots going on, which makes everything really difficult.

That said, the Boogeyman is my favorite villain. Looking back, I find something truly horrifying about him, which is good because he is supposed to embody Horror itself. I just hope he keeps it up with a "real form," without falling into ol' Morty's own cuteness.

I promise, I'll do my best. Death is only that way for Melody's sake. The Boogeyman has a soft spot for no one.

Anyway... I hope you all enjoy this week, because it should be fun. Especially the end.

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Week Off. Also, COMIC SPOTLIGHT! @ June 9th, 2009, 2:38 am

Okay, so I'm not sure how, but I'm on the Comic Spotlight. So um... thanks to whatever force made that possible.

To all new readers, I apologize for the lack of updates the one week people notice me (haha), but there will be a bonus this week. To all past and present readers, as well, keep a look out for that on Wednesday.

I'll be leaving that day, so um... I'll check everybody's comments when I get back on Monday. As I've stated already, Scene 26 WILL begin next week! I'll try and get as many pages done as possible while I'm away. As of now, I have Monday's done, but as long as I get Tuesday's done, I'll be perfectly on schedule.

I'll hope to get all the way through Friday, though, so I can FINALLY be well ahead.

Anyway, yeah, just wanted everybody to know the updates. Annnd... hopefully EpicSaga will still be up this week as well. I'll worry about that tomorrow though, I'm tired.

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Max @ April 22nd, 2009, 12:39 pm

Yaoi fangirls everywhere are grumbling, as I let out a little victory cheer.

So, finally we see Max. You all remember Max, right? She cleaned up Simon's pic way back when he was first stalking - I mean, investigating - Melody.

I don't think we'll get much into the backstory of this bright but very grumpy girl, but it goes like this...

A few years prior, Solomon Enterprises noticed slight discrepancy in their payflow via automated checking. Being one of the forerunners in technology, they realized they had to fix this or become a laughingstock.

When the bug was presumed to be fixed, it turned up again. David Solomon himself decided to investigate, and with certain... resources... he was able to track down the culprit who was seeping money out of his company. Turns out, a 13-year-old girl was breaking their oh-so-high-tech security programs.

Impressed and finding that she had no family, Solomon decided to bring her in to work on a special project of his. Now, five years later, she is more-or-less the brain of the Institute's computer systems.

Within the series, Max is essentially an anachronism. Her style and tech all say 21st Century, despite these comics taking place in the late '90s. Those flash drives around her neck shouldn't even be invented yet.

Then again... neither should teleporter watches and chi pistols.

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